Our History

Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach was organized in 1971 by the First United Methodist Church as an outreach ministry for teen-age visitors to the beach.

In 1975, First Presbyterian and Trinity Episcopal Churches joined in the venture and in 1976 Helping Hand was incorporated. At that time, the service was extended to include transients of all ages and locals who needed short-term assistance. Ocean View Baptist and First Baptist Churches, together with St. Philip Lutheran Church, joined the other sponsors shortly after that. In 1983, St. Andrew Catholic Church became the seventh sponsoring member, followed by Myrtle Beach Community Church and Faith Presbyterian Church. Sandy Grove Baptist Church and Carolina Forest Community Church have recently joined as sponsoring members. Several other area Churches provide financial and food support; however, they are not officially sponsoring Churches.

Our current client base includes transients and locals who need short-term assistance through intervention and referrals; especially those working in seasonal, hourly jobs, and those on fixed incomes, such as the elderly and the disabled.